A ministry is enriched by the varied backgrounds of its leadership. Yet these different vectors of experience can make it difficult to develop a shared sense of best practices for approaching data use in decision making. Our work in Data Centered Leadership creates a common foundation for using data, making decisions and promoting a data culture within a ministry or other high level public health function area.

The Data Impact Program offers an intensive two-day workshop for Decision Makers that focuses on tangible skills for interpreting data.

Using a country’s data reports as the basis for the workshop, we work with Decision Makers to:

  • Understand data sources and their strengths and weaknesses
  • Interpret which data are important
  • Strengthen certainty in data
  • Analyze data validity and assess data quality and the details behind data sets
  • Implement timely and efficient systems, like dashboards, for delivering data to Decision Makers
  • Execute structured processes for reviewing data
  • Apply data to decision-making
  • Define internal steps to promote a strong data culture within their organizations
  • Develop recommendations for the broader organization to pursue a comprehensive and cross-cutting data culture

After participation in this training, leaders are prepared to integrate data into the judgments that they must make in their leadership roles and identify and respond to gaps in data availability and delivery. This training also creates the foundation for a strong and lasting data culture within an organization.


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