Data Portals allow governments to use data to communicate priorities and challenges around key public health issues to the public, the press, elected officials and representatives of civil society. Data Impact has developed a prototype Data Portal application that can be adapted to capture and interpret data sources available in participating countries. These portals enable governments to tell a data story using multiple data visualizations, for example through an integrated data dashboard, that present key data that the public needs to understand a public health issue or specific disease. Data Portals also provide experts to access to specific and highly detailed information related to health and disease. Data Portals are designed to both “tell a story” and “provide facts”.

To assist governments in launching a Data Portal System, Data Impact works with country data management teams to organize data and connect and customize the portal to each country’s specific needs. Once the Portal is operational, we work with public health experts within the ministries to craft data stories relevant to their population and public health priorities.

Data Portals are a key element of a robust data culture. By launching and maintaining an active Data Portal, ministries of health increase transparency while proactively shaping the dialogue around priority public health issues. Data Portals also provide the public and experts with access to relevant and accurate data about public health in their country.