Health communications are an essential element of an active health data culture and a fundamental responsibility of a robust ministry of health.  Well-written, accurate and accessible reports are the best means to share public health data with a variety of audiences.

A public health report is a document that communicates population health information to a particular audience.  They can be used to inform, advocate, develop policies and evaluate public health strategy. Through it’s Public Health Reporting training activities and publication of its Guide to Writing Public Health Reports, Vital Strategies builds the capacity of governments to conduct regular public health reporting and strategically communicate health data to a variety of internal and external audiences.

After completion of the training, agencies are better able to prepare and share information about the health status of their country or city with a variety of audiences. Participants understand the value of reports as an assessment tool and are empowered to use them to identify gaps in current health strategies, measure and evaluate progress towards health goals (for example national health indicators and the Sustainable Development Goals) and illustrate where increased resources need to be mobilized.