Analytics for Public Health Practice:

Developing analytic skills to inform data use

 Guide for Analysis of Respiratory Syndromic Surveillance Data to Supplement COVID-19 Surveillance

➝  Guide for National Burden of Disease Analysis - English / Spanish

 How to Measure and Interpret COVID-19 Surveillance Indicators

➝  Monitoring Continuity of Essential Health Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Guide for LMIC - English / French / Spanish

➝  Training: Data Analysis for Public Health Practice Online Self-Paced Course - Weblink / App Store / Google Play

 Example: Effective Data Management and Use in the Malawi Health System

Organizational Design:

Providing a bridge between the data to policy gap

 Government public health intelligence units: bridging the data to policy gap

➝  Example: Morocco Ministry of Health: Regional Health Observatory Guide to Establishment and Function - English / French

➝  Communicating with Data: A Toolkit for Supporting Countries in the Dissemination of Public Health Reports - English / French / Spanish

➝  Training: Communicating with Data: Writing and Dissemination Public Health Reports - English / French / Spanish

 Training: Conveying Health Information to Media & Colleagues Curriculum - Facilitator's Guide - PREVIEW  Training: Effective Use of Data in Public Health Journalism – Facilitator’s Guide - PREVIEW